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We offer a wide range of services.
Anticellulite massage
Stimulates the processes inside the body, so you can remove excess water and slag
Classic massage
A great way to treat and prevent many diseases.
Aromatherapy massage
It improves blood circulation and lymph, stabilizes the pulse, lowers blood pressure, relieves muscle tension.
Effective therapeutic procedure, which consists of special complexes of touches.
Manual massage
Allows you to effectively solve health problems without the use of potent drugs
Sports massage
This is a complex of mechanical effects on the nerve centers, muscles, ligaments and tendons of an athlete.
Lymphatic drainage massage
Massage technology that acts on the lymph nodes and lymph itself in our body
Energetic massage
A set of specific techniques that allow you to renew or harmonize the energy flow in the human body
Thai massage
Holistic healing system, including a variety of methods of influence, such as deep pressure on muscle tissue
Office corporate massage
Works with your body in vital meridians
Classic face massage
It is simple in execution technique and does not require much time.
Facial plastic massage
It is a unique advanced technique of non-surgical braces, during which the masseur, like a sculptor, “sculpts” the shape of the face
Medical facial massage
This is not just a simple procedure to level aesthetic imperfections, it is a skin treatment method
Cosmetic face massage
This is a special set of procedures aimed at eliminating visible skin imperfections.
Lymphatic drainage facial massage
Used to rejuvenate the face, as it slows down aging.
Myofascial facial massage
It is a type of manual action not on the muscles, but on the fascia (the gaps between the muscles)
Cosmetology hardware
These are anti-aging and therapeutic procedures that are carried out by qualified dermatocosmetologists.
Injection cosmetology
Remains an excellent tool for those who wish to regain their youth.


Read why they love us so much
As a web developer, I work in a sitting position. Naturally on the back this position gives its special load. I decided to go for a massage to somehow fix the situation and straighten my back. I am very pleased with the result. Now I go regularly. Recommend!
Last week was on a massage with Vladimir. I am delighted, as if I was born again, I was very well met, the aura is magical!
I want to thank directly the management of the network of massage studios Bodyface, for such a competent approach to this business and qualified employees! I visit regularly for the second week, very satisfied.


We use only high quality original products.


BODYFACE — is a network of massage and cosmetology studios.
Our main priorities are Beauty and Health.

Of the many massage and beauty techniques and
procedures, we chose those that best fit
the needs of people who want to be beautiful and healthy.
Our specialists have higher medical education, regularly
pass courses and master classes from the world’s best schools.

Due to the fact that we keep up with the times, our customers
All the latest achievements in the health and beauty industry are available.



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